Mini Spells Stickers

$3.50 - $40.00
  • Mini Spells Stickers
  • Mini Spells Stickers
  • Mini Spells Stickers
  • Mini Spells Stickers

Mini Spells combine animals, plants, and gemstones with various meanings together to create a tiny spell. Stick them wherever you need a reminder, motivation, or comfort.

These were part of my monthly sticker club, but the minimum order quantity exceeded my membership, so I either have to throw them away or sell them and I'd prefer to sell them of course. These will not be printed again, so what's left in stock is it. My future sticker club offerings will be 100% exclusive.
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Made with White premium PP film with a permanent adhesive; PET laminate with UV screening to protect from weather and sunlight. These stickers are resistant to scratches and should hold up well outdoors for 2-4 years depending on your climate.
Photos show ink dots which the digital camera picks up on but are not really visible in person.

Ships in a stamped envelope with no tracking. Purchasing the full set option includes tracking (US ONLY).

Choose from:
Wolf, goldenseal, clover, tigers eye: Success (3")
Deer, lavender, rose quartz: Love (3")
Bat, peppermint, bay, labradorite: Transformation (4")
Bear, comfrey, agrimony, celestine: Healing (3")
Fox, willow, larvikite: Adaptation (3")
Rabbit, juniper, citrine: Creativity (3")
Boar, jade plant, jade: Prosperity (3")
Badger, piñon pine, brecciated jasper: Perseverance (3")
Otter, pink hyacinth, amazonite: Play (3")
Crow, lupine, botswana agate: Change (3")


  • Wolf | Success
    15 in stock
  • Deer | Love
    9 in stock
  • Bat | Transformation
    0 in stock
  • Bear | Healing
    6 in stock
  • Rabbit | Creativity
    9 in stock
  • Boar | Prosperity
    15 in stock
  • Badger | Perseverance
    8 in stock
  • Otter | Play
    31 in stock
  • Crow | Change
    0 in stock
  • Fox |Adaptation
    10 in stock
  • Set of 10
    0 in stock