Shipping from this shop is to North America only except for stickers sent without tracking. However, if you are international, you can check my etsy shop where I ship everywhere. VAT tax + tariff codes etc have just made shipping a nightmare so I'm sorry but I can't do it from here.

Orders are typically shipped out within 24 hours, but may rarely take up to 3 days. After that, it's up to USPS shipping times, which have varied with the pandemic and political struggles. Tracking is provided on any order that isn't strictly stickers (and is provided on sticker orders if you select it). International orders should allow for at least two weeks.
Do you do custom stickers/Can you design ____ sticker for me?
In short: not really. My manufacturer requires a minimum order quantity, so, depending on the size of the sticker, that can range from roughly 25 to 80 stickers MOQ, which can cost anywhere from $30-100+. Add to that my commission fees (around $60-100 USD). I also do not draw people. You can view my commission guide if you are truly interested (https://herboreal.weebly.com). I do take suggestions for my Disability is Beautiful stickers (and if I use your suggestion, I'll send you a free sticker!), but I can't guarantee anything. The MOQ often limits what I can do. For example, I can't make every breed of service dog though people have often requested different breeds. I have around 60 of each of the two dogs I already designed. If they start selling successfully, I could consider it, but otherwise, it's a huge investment to sell to perhaps one person who's interested. You can help by spreading the word about my stickers! Until then, I mostly need to stick to what I've got.


I only offer returns/exchanges if you are truly dissatisfied with the product. You will pay to return it to me and to ship a new item to you if it is an exchange. I am a *very* small business and art is my only income. Please don't return things for reasons other than quality or order mistakes. I'm happy to help if stuff gets damaged or isn't the quality you envisioned! Size discrepancies are on you, I'm afraid. I hear "I thought it was bigger/smaller" a little too often in etsy reviews for someone who puts measurements on every listing. Please read carefully and get out a ruler if the size of an item is really important to you. I will not offer refunds or exchanges on such instances.

For any trouble or inquiries, contact me.