Self- Love | Goat Talisman II

  • Self- Love | Goat Talisman II
  • Self- Love | Goat Talisman II
  • Self- Love | Goat Talisman II


Three drilled smoky quartz points bound with waxed imitation sinew to a goat jaw bone with rosemary. These elements all represent self-love & acceptance and the intention of this charm is to facilitate these goals.

Includes a tied loop on the back for hanging on the wall if desired.

All my talismans are fragile art pieces that are not intended for carrying around or being played with. Some may contain toxic plants. They should be kept out of reach of children and pets at all times. Some small pieces may break off in shipping; if it is extensive please contact me so I can make it right. If your talisman ever needs repair, feel free to contact me and we can arrange it if possible (for the cost of shipping).

These goat jaw talismans are the only bones I've used that we did not find and clean ourselves. These were found by a hunter in the fields of a farm. The jaws appear to be from young animals still growing in their permanent teeth, so I think it's safe to assume these were meat goats raised on the farm.
The rosemary is from my own garden.

My talismans are always smoke cleansed before shipping.


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