• Why don't you ship to the UK/EU?
VAT. Bigcartel doesn't have a way to cover VAT easily, so until that changes or VAT goes away, I can't ship to the affected countries. 

  • Why are stickers untracked?
Shipping stickers in a card envelope with a stamp is the cheapest, safest way I've found to ship them. They're sent with a piece of chipboard to keep them from bending. You can choose tracked shipping if you'd like, but it's $4 USD ($14 international). 

  • Do you do local pickup?
Yes! Tucsonans, I am happy to arrange local pickup for you. There are locations on the East side of town as well as near 4th ave. We don't deliver, but if you want to make the trip, then you don't have to pay shipping! 
You can also find some of my pins at Dry River Witches Shoppe.

  • Can you make the service dog stickers in (X) breed?
When I make sticker orders, there is always a minimum quantity I have to buy to make the order. Unfortunately, that means I'm stuck with 60 stickers of each kind even if there aren't a ton of buyers for them. It's just not cost effective for me to make every breed of dog for this purpose, so I hope the two colors of lab/retriever dog will be a generally good stand-in for any working dog. If my stickers really take off some day and sell well, I can make more options! You can help by getting the word out and showing other people the mobility aid set! 

  • Are you disabled yourself?
I am indeed. I had interstitial cystitis from age 16 onward, for about 20 years until I got a urostomy. I am now an ostomate and IC-free. I also have (geneticist diagnosed) G-HSD, which has a huge impact on my energy levels and physical ability along with fibromyalgia and other assorted comorbid conditions. I use a cane as needed.